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One Off Pieces


Plasma Cut Spruce Tree Antique Saw £65 (Made to Order)

This design was created completely free hand no template no drawing on the steel before cutting, just completely free hand plasma cutting, which i can tell you really is harder than it looks!

This particular one has now sold but you can still order one similar, Just send me a email about availability at bloomnsharp@outlook.com 


Aged Oak Barrel Ring Clock £120 (Unique)

This is simply trying to frame natures beauty, the way the gaps have formed in the wood is jaw-droppingly beautiful. With this being a antique barrel ring time has taking its toll and shows signs of aging and is no longer perfectly circular is it 21" by 20".

I have made a lot of simplistic clocks recently and they are really becoming a favourite.


Stainless Steel Tree of life £120 (Made to Order)

Tree of life with charred pine back board perfect for a centre piece in any garden or in a home. This particular piece has sold.

These pieces are unique, i make sure to make every single one individual. I can also make them to suit you, any size any style that you would like.


Plasma Cut Oil Drum Fire Pit £200

Unique plasma cut fire design, you won't find anything like this anywhere else! A real stand out piece for your patio. It looks best at night showing off its light and dark sides.


6ft Tree Of Life £440 (Made to Order)

6ft Tall lightly charred pine back board with orange tinges and barrel ring tree of life and a steel leaf section to frame.

This particular piece is now sold. 

These pieces are unique, I make sure to make every single one individual. I can also make them to suit you, any size any style that you would like. 


Steel Christmas Tree £90 (Made to Order)

Steel Christmas tree for those who don't like the real things making a right mess these are the perfect things for you!

Original Hand Held Plasma Cut Art



With these plasma art pieces there is only so many ideas of what I can come up with.. so why not tell me exactly what you would like and I can do that for you. A customer provided me with a image of the 42nd street musical poster, Jake Armstrong and I create it in steel art form. The process can take up 3 weeks so please be patient. 


The Beatles Yellow Submarine Plasma Cut Wall Art £160 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

Stunning piece for any Huge Beatles Fan, a real unique piece of art you will never find anywhere else. Each one has been hand plasma cut.


Prince Plasma Cut Wall Art £60 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

Known for his incredible stage present, stand out fashion, and most importantly his huge vocal range.  


David Bowie, The Star Man, Ziggy Stardust Plasma Cut Wall Art £50 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

As a tribute to the great artist that was Bowie it was the first Plasma Art piece that me and Jake collaborated on, The design based off the Aladdin Sane album cover.


Ed Sheeran Plasma Cut Wall Art £90 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

Ed Sheeran like you've seen him before! This is the most difficult design that i have i have been challenged to as of yet. The fine details are so difficult to do with a hand held plasma torch, but it really is a beautiful piece for any Ed fan.


Bob Marley Plasma Cut Wall Art £90 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

This is my Personal Favourite design, the way the dreadlocks have been created are exceptional, the way it has been coloured by heat really reflect the artist himself. Also available in matt black.


Marilyn Monroe Plasma Cut Wall Art £60 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

A great piece for a iconic actress who will go down in the history books forever as the "blonde Bomshell" characters and of course being one of the most popular sex symbols of the 50s.


Jimi Hendrix Plasma Cut Wall Art £60 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

One of the greats, arguably the most influential electric guitarist in history and one of the most celebrated artists in the 21st century, this wall art piece is the best way to celebrate his career. 


Stevie Wonder Plasma Cut Wall Art £65 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

A child prodigy, he is considered a genius, one of the most critically successful performers of the late 20th century, an inspiration to everyone.


Elvis "The King" Plasma Cut Wall Art £65 (Designed by Jake Armstrong)

Unique King of spades card design as he is THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL. A great piece for a huge fan who idolizes "the King".


Audrey Hepburn Plasma Cut Wall Art £60 (Designed By Jake Armstrong)

British actress recognized as a film and fashion icon. This piece was inspired by her role as Holly in breakfast at Tiffany's. 

Steel Flowers and Sculptures

7 Rose Bunch £60



Bunch of  roses 7 perfect for a gift or just something to look stunning on a window ledge. Each rose has to be made separately and put together at the last moment. 

These are Also Available Painted in any colour you chose for £15 Extra. 

3 Rose Bunch £25



Bunch of 3 roses perfect for a gift or just something to look stunning on a window ledge. Each rose has to be made separately and put together at the last moment. 

These are Also Available Painted in any colour you chose for £10 Extra. 

"Arm in Arm" £40


A romantic gesture, two roses arm in arm on a stand, Any finish that you would like included in the price. 

Large Blued Rose £40 (Made to Order)


The biggest rose i have made so far and my favourite. The blued colour comes from different levels of heat, and this makes every one so unique.

Small Rose £12


Each rose takes so much care to make sure each one ends up perfect.

Roses are available painted for £15 in any colour of your choosing.

Small Red Poppy £20


Traditional red poppy, something to brighten your garden all year round. 

Also Available in the blued finish.

Medium Blued Poppy £30


Original style heat coloured poppies, every single one comes out special. Cold beaten mild steel makes for a great addition to your garden. Availiable painted in traditional red.

MASSIVE Blued Poppy £70 (Made to Order)


The largest flower i have ever made! this thing takes a very long time to hammer, i would love to tell you exactly how many times i hit it with a hammer but the truth is its too many to count! this is a truly unique stand out piece for your garden.

Blued Lily £30


This took a very long time to master the complex shape of a lily but now i think i have hit the "nail" on the head. I use nails for the filaments which is a very different touch.

Plasma Cut Butterfly £24


Originally flat steel used to make a unique shaped butterfly with how the cut out sections can create bends that leads to a rather stunning piece for any garden. 

Also Available Blued.

Poppy Seed Heads £10 each Or 3 For £25


One of the simplest things i make yet the most popular. These poppy seeds are perfect for tall grasses as they sway in the wind with them.

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My background

I'm 19 years old and I have a level 3 BTEC Diploma in Engineering. I have started my own business creating metal flowers and sculptures. Everything I make is 100 % handcrafted, I use sheet metal and a plasma cutter to cut the metal then cold forge everything individually with a hammer and pliers.

Recently I have been collaborating with a friend of mine, Jake Armstrong who is trained in graphic design and is very talented in creating unique art.

 Originally, Bloom 'N' Sharp was founded by Korben Bloomfield and myself Thomas Sharp. Korben has since gone on to forge custom knives and we still occasionally get together for a bit of extra help, check out his website www.kwbknives.co.uk

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